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pet memorials for your four legged friend
Using your photo(s) and made of bevelled glass & beautifully finished bases, A&THQ are proud of the unique, elegant & affordable memorial plaques we have to offer. Discreet but powerful, this is an ideal way to honour your favourite four-legged pal.

8" Round $84 ~ 12" Round $94 ~ 8" Urn $129

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pet memorial of dog
When a pet dies, friends and family don’t always know what to say or do. They know you shared a strong
relationship with him or her, but they usually have no real idea of how intense and important that relationship was to you.
But, really, how could they? They are not there first thing in the morning  when that tail starts wagging at the mere sight of you or when non-stop purring signals another cuddle on the couch keeping each other warm after a busy day.

 Though obviously unspoken, the devotion you both felt was real and a wonderful gift. This pet shared a special place in your home and in your heart and is also deserving of meaningful remembrance as a 24/7 loving family member.
pet memorials
pet memorial for golden retriever